Community Creation Spotlight Series?


Friend of the channel, Dungeon Master Master Class, had a suggestion about having some sort of community spotlight on folks’ homemade worlds, inspired by TheDave from yesterday’s stream. The idea intrigues me and I hope it might be intriguing to you as well. With that in mind, I present a poll!

The poll will be open for a week. If the idea catches hold, we can then start to think about what it may look like, get some sort of sign up sheet going, yadda yadda yadda. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. First, we vote!

Interested in Community Creation Spotlight Content?
  • I would watch it and I would participate!
  • I would watch it but I wouldn’t participate!
  • I wouldn’t watch it and I sure as heck wouldn’t participate!

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I’d love to share my in progress world and see what the other folks have brewing!
Would be good to know what kind of format works best since I have notes and things all over and would like to spruce em up.
Maybe a standard format for each entry so we can get the gist quickly and discuss while going over smaller aspects?


Once we cross the threshold of enough folks are interested to proceed, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty of how it should work.

The nice thing about a forum style setup is that we can set aside space for folks to upload their work to share and get feedback in a somewhat organized way. As far as the channel component, we don’t have to do everything one way. If someone has a bunch of material in a readable form, I can go through it read-along style. If someone else wants to come in and talk about their world, we can do that. We can do feedback if someone wants feedback, etc.


Dungeon Master Master Class and I play in the same homemade world. We have been playing in it exclusively for over 20 years. He is really the one that made it but I know he’d be stoked to participate. You can add that world to the list.
It would be cool to cover world building, the how’s and why’s, in addition to going over actual worlds. But I am pretty excited to go over actual worlds

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Wel then don’t forget to vote! :grinning:

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Oops, thought I did.

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Whether or not this idea moves forward, I’ve opened up a community sub-forum for sharing, giving and getting feedback, and generally supporting our fellow creators,