X marks the spot!

agnes map

Last week, my daughter and a couple of her friends drew this treasure map! I thought it might be fun to play around with it, maybe convert it to a hex map, and populate it-- in other works, words, workshop it into something. Got any ideas?


To jumpstart things, we’ve got a handful of major features on the map:

  • four different forest regions,
  • two mountains,
  • one river (with a waterfall?),
  • three mazy roads, paths, or trails, and, finally,
  • the X, which is otherwise undescribed.

Almost forgot: the two mountains are named. We have:

  • King Mountain and
  • Mount Agnes.

It’ also seems to be a tidal locked planet/plane with one side that is shrouded in night and one under the sun

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Maybe! I’ll ask my daughter what they meant by those notations! Clearly, something intriguing is happening in this place!

I asked my daughter about the day and night notations on the map and, according to her, it reflects the geography of the location that changes between day and night! Both halves of the map represent the same place with the features exclusive to the night side of the map, the river and Mount Agnes, only revealing themselves during the night!

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Oh wow, that’s very clever on her part. I can definitely see how something like this can weaved mechanically. Maybe a table or two of rumors to entice the party to venture out at night. Or perhaps even a mechanic like Legend of Zelda blood moon where things are more dangerous at night but that is also where most of the goodies appear as well

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