Workshopping: Gaub-Inspired Magic

Generic Spell Template

  • ingredients/tools/reagents/equipment
  • procedure/ritual
  • action (what does the ritual cause to happen)
  • target
  • effect

Speak with Winds


  • virgin moisture?
  • wind in a bottle?
  • some sort of proxy for the weather? ( a rock? a pebble of some sort?)


  • release the moisture
  • whisper and release the bottled wind
  • act upon the stone the desired weather effect?


  • the moisture evaporates, taking the words of the caster with it into the sky
  • the wind is released and carries the caster’s message
  • The pebble mimics the land?


  • the sky


  • maintains the weather
  • guides the weather one way or another but in its natural order-- clear skies - clouds - seasonal rain

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