Wilderness Features

Going off a homebrewed hexcrawl procedure.
For every 4 hrs of travel roll a handful of dice.

The D6 determines if you encounter a creature or landmark.
The D8 determines what kind of creature/landmark.
The D4s determine terrain/behavior/items for creatures and weather/terrain/details for landmarks.

Pick any D4 you like and that’s the hour the encounter occurs within the 4 hour block of travel time.

I’ve setup the Landmark dashboard for a Plains region in my world and made pages for the 4 possible locations.
Only 4 entries on a roll table doesn’t sound like much, but the idea is that the combination of d4 roll tables creates encounters with a constant theme but not identical/repetitive.

Here’s the main dashboard for the Daybreak Plains

One of the many stone towers that dot the plains.

and a Troll Lair generator.

an ancient portal ready to hurl you across the continent when activated…

Mysterious ruinous remnants…


I like the D4 combos but it’s the art that sells it, love it.


Love the art. I can see this fitting easily into a Black Sword Hack hex crawl.

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