What’s Your Biggest Challenge in Running a Hexcrawl?

I’m wondering what people find are the biggest obstacles, challenges, issues, etc. to running a hexcrawl.

Alternatively, is there something that prevents you from running one? If so, what is it?

I’m collating some of the responses I’ve received, scattered over the interwebs.:

  • Procedures are too slow, require too much work
  • Picking the procedures to use
  • Too much prep
  • Lack of player engagement
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Finding the right toolset FOR YOU does seem hard. There are alot of resources floating around but some are too granular/wrong tone/etc.
I think the trouble is finding the random tables that work for you. I would love more resources and perspectives on HOW people design their random tables and how you could use that knowledge to make your own.

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I imagine, like anything, they’re designed to work within a particular GM’s workflow/prep style. This means that what works like gangbusters for some is going to fall flat and fail for others. Do you think getting a breakdown of the whys behind a style of tables would be helpful? I get the sense that many folks don’t know what they don’t know, in terms of what will work for them or not. Once they know, that kind of breakdown probably isn’t even necessary.

Yeah I think so - seeing how the tables work together and what order you would use them in to populate a world etc. or for filling in details on the fly.

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