What are your plans for #Dungeon24 or similar?

Around this time of year one year ago, we were all talking about dungeon23, which was the interesting notion that if you, every day for all of the year 2023, added a single room to a dungeon then you’d end up with a megadungeon by the end of the year.

So now I ask you - do you have similar ideas for 2024? I’m sure a lot of people will go for #Dungeon24, but there are of course also other possibilities. I know some people have talked of #City24, for example - the idea of adding something to their TTRPG city every day, to build a great setting for their campaign.

Personally, I think I’ll go with #Hexmap24 - I’ll try to add one hex a day to the hexmap of my Uldorion setting, in the (vain?) hope that I’ll have a sizable map by the end of 2024.

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#Hexmap24 sounds right up my alley! :grin: #Lore24 is another intriguing idea.

Hmm, yes, #Lore24 also sounds interesting. Perhaps one should go for #Worldbuilding24 or something more general, where you just add something to your world each day without limiting yourself to a specific type of content.

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I have been thinking about doing Lore24 , I already make up bit-sized pieces of lore for my setting. But I don’t want to commit to doing it everyday…

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What about doing 365 “bits” in a year? You can do a few in advance here and there, then you might fall behind for a while, then you catch up again… So you don’t necessarily have to do one thing every day.


Its the commitment that’s got me worried. I may just start without telling myself its for Something24 all full of rules.