Weekly Community DIY: Let's Build Some Stuff, Episode 3

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The Withering Waste

  • Terrain: wetlands
  • Alignment: chaos


This was once a lake. In ages past, however, it became polluted by a Mote of Corruption. Eventually, a cabal of Anatidemons were able to invade the lake. They set about constructing an Infernal Machine and planned to use it to suck away the souls and life-energy of all the surrounding life. The Anatidemons and their influence turned the lake into a vile morass of a swamp.

Before the machine could be activated, however, it was disabled via sabotage. When the machine was activated, it malfunctioned, sinking the machine into the fetid waters. The Anatidemons were also trapped within, frozen by the arcane aftershocks of the misfire.

The swamp, now known as the Withering Waste, has lain quiet… until now.


It is said that strange, hoarse, voices sometimes gibber at any who enter the swamp. Now someone or something has heard the discordant call. They are slowly but surely moving towards repairing the Infernal Machine. If they are successful and they activate the device, horrors unseen for millennia will be released upon the world.

The Anatidemons

  • stork-like head with antlers
  • gibbering/drooling
  • huge flat eyes, metallic eye-color
  • huge human ears
  • large teeth
  • bipedal
  • bear-like torso
  • short and rubbery
  • stingered tail
  • urine smell
  • scaley skin
  • grayish to whitish color
  • hunched/humped back
  • membranous wings
  • human-like arms
  • taloned-hands
  • heat generation
  • life level drain
  • metal immunity

Corrupted Steel

The Infernal Machine was built out of Corrupted Steel. This metal was forged with the souls of damned creatures. Cuts on living tissue made by the metal risk Corruption.


Anything that subsists for any time in the Waste or is cut by Corrupted Steel may become corrupted. The nature of this corruption is determined via a d20 roll:

  1. stork-like head
  2. gibbering and drooling
  3. huge flat eyes with metallic eye-color
  4. huge human ears
  5. oversized teeth
  6. short and rubbery
  7. stingered tail
  8. scaley skin
  9. grayish to whitish color
  10. hunched back
  11. membranous wings
  12. talons
  13. heat generation
  14. level drain
  15. metal immunity
  16. urine smell
  17. bear-like torso
  18. Pick two
  19. Pick three
  20. The subject is a fully transfigured Anatidemon!