Weekly Community DIY: Let's Build Some Stuff, Episode 2

The Left Hand Key

Origins and Backstory

The Left Hand Key was originally created by a High Cleric of a Cult of Undeath Worship, whose soul became trapped within it after they blasphemed against their god. This act awakened the object and imbued it with a singular purpose: to spread undeath and blight the living.


The Left Hand Key is a (un)holy symbol and powerful magic artifact.

  • Alignment: chaos
  • Intelligence: 12
  • Egoism: 4
  • Extraordinary Ability: telepathy
  • Languages Spoken: the language of the undeath

Passive Abilities

  • It desecrates an area of 600 feet around it.
  • It causes unnatural mist (blue-green color, caustic, fetid odor) to rise around it.
  • It attracts negative energy.

The Mist

  • Once per exploration turn, if indoors, roll 1d4 x 10 for visibility within 300 feet of Key.
  • Any plant life within 600 feet withers and dies from exposure to the mist.
  • Any teleportation spell (including Dimension Door) or spell that opens gateways to other locations or planes, if cast within the mist, will either transport or open up a gateway to the Negative Energy Plane.

Negative Energy

Once per month, in the presence of any dead, the Key will channel the negative energy it has absorbed, into an “Animate Dead” effect, as per the spell, creating 2d6 HD worth of undead. These undead are loyal to the Key itself, not the current wielder of the Key.

Active Abilities

  • The Key can function as a holy symbol.
  • Its wielder can see through the mist.
  • Once per week, the wielder can use the Key to cast “Animate Dead,” per the spell, creating 2d6 HD worth of undead.

Note: Undead created through the Key’s power are ultimately loyal to the Key itself, not the wielder of the Key, While the Key and wielder’s aims and purposes are aligned, the Key will transmit commands from the wielder to the undead thralls. However, should the aims and purposes of the Key and wielder diverge, the undead will always obey the Key over the wielder.