🎲 Tiny Golf Game ⛳️

These notes and sketches MIGHT not make sense, but this is more of thinking out loud I guess?
Thoughts and suggestions and questions are totally welcome!

Goal: Create a small game that can be played with d6s, a cardstock “board” and 4x6 sticker sheet. Maybe a mini golf scorecard and tiny pencil.
Should provide 30ish minutes of solo play.
The idea is to fit everything in a ziploc package and hang on a hook near gamestore checkout.

Game Design Goals:
Golf + Fantasy RPG elements.
Mighty Max + Mini Golf.
Simple mechanic for advancing golfball towards pin.
Dice placement.
Variety of courses.
“Combat Mode” if ball lands in hazard.
Add sticker elements to gameboard during play.

Design so far:
Start at the tee
Roll 2d6
Choose which die goes on the Power track and which die goes on the Control track.
Advance ball towards pin going point to point and MUST land on or in the portion of the course as determined by the Control die.
If the ball starts 1 point away from the pin, the next stroke will put it in automatically.


Is this a game within a game for an RPG set in modern times or a stand along dice game?

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Standalone, something tiny to play on a lunchbreak or something. :slight_smile:

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What happens if you land in a hazard?
You bounce the ball off a critter who pops out to fight.
Roll on a d6 monster table (since there will be a sticker sheet with these monsters they’ll just be labeled 1-6) and stick one on the golfcourse.
Each monster will have a Ricochet Stat a Health Stat and a piece of Gear.

As long as you meet or exceed the Ricochet Stat you may deal damage to the monster and roll again.
If you deal enough damage to kill the monster you gain a piece of Gear to add to your Golfbag (again peel a sticker off) and the ball finally comes to rest after bouncing away a number of spaces equal to the Ricochet Stat.

If you fail to meet or exceed the Ricochet Stat during the Combat Phase your ball bounces to the nearest safe space.

This is to represent a kind of “combo” hitting them with a ball, it bouncing back and you hitting it again, not touching the ground so no Strokes are added for these combat turns.
Landing in Hazards and defeating the random monsters will essentially give you some extra distance on your initial stroke and some Gear that can enhance dice manipulation in future courses.

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Messin around with what a course might look like.
The landscape underneath with the grid of dots to move on and if you land in a tree or bush, one of these weird critters gets added to the course

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I love the art style! If you could make reusable stickers for this, that would be awesome.

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It’s possible, but I think the 4x6 sticker sheets I’ve had printed before don’t like to come back off once stuck

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Further tinkering (had my wife and daughter playtest a few holes too! Somehow my 5 yr old shot the lowest).

Using a “Haunted Forest” theme, your character hits their golf ball deep into the woods and has to make their way back to the “real” world. Battling Spider Minions across a few holes.

Rules doc so far

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Playing around some more with some “Traps” that require a minimum Power value to hit out of. As well as some Obstacles that can bounce you ahead if the Power is low enough or crack open revealing an enemy Spiderling to fight.
Also visualizing where the Power and Control tracks might be.

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