The Retired Adventurer - Six Cultures of Play

Six Cultures of Play

I am curious to know the style of play that folks typically play D&D and RPG’s in general.

When I played D&D 3e weekly for roughy 10 years, 2004 - 2014, I was most often the DM and we played mostly a Story Game with slow and deep character development.

This was quite different from the games I played in the late 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s. My earlier games lasted only a few sessions. These were often AD&D and Trad and RAW (traditional and rules as written).

Now, I feel nostalgic and wistful for playing with a group on a weekly basis. But I would like to delve into the OSR style of play. Recently, I have played a few One-Shots using OSE, ICRPG or 5e. However, these games have not become regular games.

On-line gaming has not grabbed me. Mostly, I would need to commit to a regular time, day of the week + time of day + 2+ hours). And that just has not been a priority for me, yet.

What is the style of play that you typically enjoy? How often do you play? Are you playing on-line?


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I know I’ve seen this a few times but I really have to give it a serious read.

Re weekly gaming, have you checked in with your local gaming stores about any in-person games they might host or have information on, if hosted elsewhere?

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