Summer Gygax 75 Challenge, Week 5: "The Larger World"

Human Pantheon

  • Greater God of Moon, Stone, and Protection
  • Greater God of Birth, Death, Family, and Harvest
    • Lesser God of Rivers and Dying
  • Greater God of Sun, Fire, and War
    • Lesser God of Music, Mirth, Chaos, Love
  • Greater God of Water, Earthquakes, and Mining
    • Lesser God of Minerals, Gold, and Wealth

Important Persons

Bailiff of Windbourne

  • Distinguishing Trait: ambitious but not reckless
  • Needs: knowledge about the surrounding lands
  • Agenda: to expand out of the safety of the mountains and hills

Bufo Alvarius, Chief of the Great Quag Amphibioids

  • Distinguishing Trait: wise but slow-acting
  • Needs: security
  • Agenda: to keep out of human and lizardfolk affairs

Magic Relics

Moon Stones

Rare pale white glowing minerals that provide some protection from Dragon Magic.
###Wyvern-Locust Pheremone Glands
Pheremones harvested from the glands can be synthesized into components for charm and similar spells.

Bufo Alvarius

Moon Stones

Bailiff of Windbourne