Summer Gygax 75 Challenge, Week 4: "Town Features"

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  • Leather Goods
  • Bowyer
  • Fletcher
  • Tool Smith
  • Inn and Stables
  • Butcher
  • Bakery
  • Victualer


Political Faction + Rival

  • Bailiff of Windbourne – current conventional leader of the local human culture.
  • Dragon Cult – underground human cult that worships the dragons and idolizes the lizardfolk empire.

Place to Lose Money

  • Fighting Pits – gladitorial combat arenas
  • Bowling Hall – tournaments, contests

Place to Get and Give News

The Plaza of the Moon – in the Moon Row, where anyone can stand on one of many stone dais in the square and call out.

A Secretive Guild Hall + Reputation

Illicit Reagent Guild (connected to the Wyvern-Locust larvae at the Glittering Sink?) – reputation is dangerous and sorcerous.

Place for Room & Board

Inn and Stables (Name TBD)

Religious Center + God

Temple of Moon Stone – worship of the God of Stone & Moon

Unique Feature

Mineral bath houses have been built on top of natural hot springs that occur here.

Sheriff of Stone Gate

  • Distinguishing Trait: Overprotective and paranoid
  • Needs: information and actionable targets
  • Agenda: security of Stone Gate

Illicit Reagent Guildmaster

  • Distinguishing Trait: Greedy/Opportunistic
  • Needs: live wyvern specimens
  • Agenda: unleash dragon magic

Leatherwork Master

  • Distinguishing Trait: loyal and wary
  • Needs: access to the reagent guild
  • Agenda: An informant for the Sheriff

High Priestess of Moon Stone

  • Distinguishing Trait: pious (overly?) thoughtful/indecisive
  • Needs: a moon gem artifact that was lost
  • Agenda: eradicate the dragon cult