Successful Campaign thanks to Todd!

The 2 paragraph campaign pitch that Todd edited for me has spawned an open-table hex crawl that is still going at 9 months, has met 28 time, and has had 9 people play at least once!

Thanks Todd!

I keep a website for players to check that has very short session summaries. The summaries are designed to be the ‘rumors’ that characters who don’t go on a particular adventure would hear around town about what happened on that week’s adventure. Players also sometimes write ‘in-game’ after action reports for bonus XP.

If anyone is interested here are the links;

General Campaign website: 938. The Thorny Grove

Rumors/Summaries: Adventure Log Thorney Grove 938

‘In-game’ after action reports: Player reports Thorny Grove 938


I don’t think that has much to do with me but never let it be said that I won’t take credit for another person’s work! :laughing:

Awesome job with the campaign and I’ll definitely head to those links and check out all the action!


Those In Game after action reports are a crazy mishmash of conversations in bars, letters, prayers, journal entries, songs, and who knows what else-- all in universe. I pity anyone that tries to figure out what actually happened in our playing sessions by reading them!


@nonenothing which ones did you write?

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The craziest, least understandable ones of course! The letters authored by Corviano.


Everyone loves those incomprehensible letters!


I will give those especial study, carefully of course, lest their madness overwhelm me! :crazy_face: