Some Random Terrain

Just doing some noodling in a terrain app that I’ve got. I kinda like how it turned out-- no crazy terrain but a nice layout for a region. Whaddya think?

I took a random generation from Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator and played around with it.

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This is a nice one - enough variation but not HUGE and some interesting spots I want to zoom into. Particularly on the Eastern continent towards the top there’s like a little bay with a set of 3 hills just south of it, cool feature!

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Yeah, you can get some nice stuff. With these apps, it’s almost harder to get subtle features rather than more extreme features. Everyone wants monumental mountains or heavily eroded canyons, etc.

I can see that, I’d love to take something pc generated like that and then highlight and expand some of those interesting spots as well, almost just like tweak it into a new map, guess you could pull it into photoshop and mess with it some more to fine tune it

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Here’s a different style map, “Miveaia,” Azgaar’s + Gaea:

One more for the day… (do I have a problem? :stuck_out_tongue:)