Rulebook Read-Along The Dragons of Stormwreck Isle (D&D 5E's New Starter Set)

Wanted to try to imagine what Dragon’s Rest might look like as you approach from the boat.

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What did you build that out of?

Scrap chunks of foam from a previous terrain board I built and a stack of toothpicks haha, I challenged myself to block in the shapes with quick materials to help imagine the 3D shape of the provided map

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Was this just for fun or are you currently, or planning to, playing through the adventure?

Mostly for fun-might try to build it out a little nicer and possibly to scale and leave it at the local gamestore for newbies. I crafted some of Lost Mines and left it there for new groups as well.
I don’t play much in person (online and eberron homebrewishness) but I like doing some extra crafty stuff to make these “simple” adventures have more juice for new players :slight_smile:

  • a physical prop for the Moonstone in this adventure seems like an easy thing to craft and keep in the box as well, might do that next
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Ooh, that sounds cool!



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those are cool - midjourney?

Yep. Now that I think about it, the second one could stand for the observatory on the island…

totally - I bet you could generate serviceable art for each of the main locations in that adventure.
I really like how constrained they made it, just a handful of locations and creatures, and totally doable as a one shot.

I just wish the island wasn’t quite so bare outside those locations. There’s probably a happy medium between Stormqreck Isle and The Isle of Dread in terms of density and diversity of locations and inhabitants. That said, it probably makes a very solid one-shot.

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I could see that being a possibility after you get through this one and end at level 3. Maybe the Dragon Lady (Runara?) goes missing or something and it prompts the party to search the island more thoroughly. Newbies first hexcrawl with the small scale 1/2 mile hexes already on the map.

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There is that hint in the module to continue adventures by delving into the island to explore the possible home of that red dragon via some natural vents. That has possibilities but I think I would want to get to the mainland just to be able to engage with more factions and interconnected elements.