Rulebook Read-Along: "Puzzle Dungeon: The Seers Sanctum" - Zelda-Inspired Adventure!

This one has been sitting on my to-read pile for awhile now. With another adventure in this series just now hitting Kickstarter, I figured now was the perfect time to jump in!

From the product description on DriveThruRPG:

It’s like a ‘Legend of Zelda’ puzzle dungeon, but instead of Link, you play as a group of grubby grave robbers. Also, there’s way more eyeball stuff.

Puzzle Dungeon: The Seers Sanctum is a system neutral adventure for characters of level 1 to 4.
What’s in it:

  • 10 room dungeon crawl where each location has its own mysteries to poke and experiment with
  • Cohesive puzzles that build on each other
  • Lets players to discover their own solutions in true OSR fashion
  • Magic items and equipment that change how the players interact with their environment and previously explored areas
  • Use as a 4-6 hour one-shot or the start to a planar hopping campaign for wherever you’d like to go


I’ve marked this video as “promotional” because directsun was kind enough to send me copies of the print and digital versions of this adventure to share with you. That said, they have no input, one or way or another, on how this turns out and, as I’m recording this live and unrehearsed, I don’t either!

Show Notes: