Random Wilderness Creature Encounter dashboard

Trying to squeeze my tables into one sheet for an entire region so I can drop a handful of dice and generate an interesting encounter (in this case specifically an encounter involving some local creatures).

The idea is to drop a d6,d8,3d4.
The d6 determines whether the encounter is a creature or a point of interest.
The d8 determines a type, and then the d4s apply some flavor (terrain feature,weather,attitude,etc.)


I like it! For no particular reason I’m trying to use just d6s for my own project but this is nice and I like how you could fill out one of these sheets for each region.

@bryansmiff i shared your post elsewhere on the web— I hope it’s okay! I got ahead of myself and posted it before I checked in with you so let me know if you’d like me to kill it!

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No problem at all! I’m not breaking the world, and I WOULD love to see other people’s takes on what tables work for them!

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