Quick humanoid lair generator for wilderness stocking

Here’s a quick two table generator for lairs posted on the Eldritch Fields blog. Here are some output examples from the blog:

  • In the hills, 115 Kobolds occupy in a medium-sized ruined outpost. They are starving, but won’t move on because they live atop a sweet ley-line nexus.
  • In the swamps, 25 Trolls live in a flooded cave. At nights, the ghost of a devoured victim haunts them. They do not have children.
  • In the forest, 150 Brigands squat in a small ruined outpost. They are actually cultists, and have set up a foul idol and a sacrificial altar to their god Stand-and-Deliver.
  • In the jungle, 85 Elves live in and around a large tower. They dug a deep well in the basement - the only source of clean, germ-free water in the fetid jungle. They have a herd of herbivorous dinosaurs (a source of meat and eggs).