Putting a Twist on Dragonborn

I’ve been attempting to reimagine the common non-human dnd creatures lately.
I suppose these could be “backgrounds” tacked onto the lineage or something, but right now I’m just focused on making distinct differences within them.

For Dragonborn I like the idea that they are grown from a stolen Dragon egg. If the ritual fails = hunchback kobold. If it succeeds = dragonborn.

Some Dragonborn lean into the dragon side, kill their creator and go feral warlord mode.
Others manipulate the social systems they are born into and can cast spells.

This interpretation leaves room for the chromatic/metallic rivalry if you want, or unique benefits for a “Bitter Blood” vs a “Bright Blood”. Provides an in world excuse for why they might be a more “rare” lineage as well
as why some might have abilities others don’t, based on draconic parent or ritual performed to hatch.

I’ve done a few Elf variants as well as a twist on Dwarves which rolls Gnome and Halfling archetypes all into different flavors of Dwarf if anybody wants to see those too.


These are great!

I would love Love LOVE to see those! :grin:

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The Dwarf one has a bit of a preamble, probably not needed haha.


Some of the elf subspecies/culture names are really evocative!

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