PAX Unplugged 2023 Mega-Thread

I’ve made the roadie (well, train-ride) from NYC to Philly and I have picked up my badge!

I will be posting most of my updates, particularly the small stuff, in here, so feel free to follow my misadventures in here if the urge takes you! :grin:


‘Twas the night before PAX…

Where was the flying pig when we needed him?

Welcome to Brancalonia:

Lunch break! Blackened catfish from Beck’s Cajun Cafe at Reading Terminal Market.

Rob Dougherty of Wise Wizard Games on Hero Realms and Star Realms

I cornered Rob Dougherty of Wise Wizard Games at PAX Unplugged and coerced him to give the run down on Hero Realms!

Playing in a Cairn 2E game:

Hamel’s House of Oddities from Sleeping Giant Gaming:

Courtesy of Acheron, Brancalonia has landed!

Cairn 2E Playtest:

My Cairn 2E playtest character, “Rye Dibberstalk”:

Tannic by Amanda P:

Alex Sprague from the Indie Game Developer Network:

Adam Station, Jamie Station, and an Infinity of Ships:

Wonmin Lee of Pegasus Games:

Studio Woe, Scented Dice and Goat on Goat Violence:

M. Allen Hall, Sneaky Witches and Missing Sprinkles:

PAX Unplugged 2023: Mythic Grove Studios’ The Session Zero System:

Last Command from Sentient Games:

Vast Grimm - Dark Space Borg TTRPG: