Old School Essentials Dungeoncrawling Cheat Sheet

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Hey all,

I know this won’t be very valuable to most of the folks who frequent here but I put out a one-pager cheat sheet for dungeoncrawling procedures in OSE. I did this mainly because the nature of the OSE rules as presented withholds the sort of guidance and examples of play to be found in b/x and, given some of the questions I see posted around, this might be useful. It’s free to download. If you run across someone in need, feel free to send them over to it! :grin:

Intro video!

One Hundred Monsters Ancient and Modern (Hyakki shūi)

Happy Monday all!

I’m so glad folks have found this cheat sheet useful and thanks so much for the folks who decided to donate something for it. To that end, I’ve added a second sheet for anyone who has donated or decides to donate a dollar or more-- a wandering creature log sheet! Use this sheet to prepare wandering creatures for your dungeon ahead of time and track them as they occur during play.

A Wandering Creature Prep Sheet! - Old School Essentials Dungeoncrawling Cheat Sheet by Hexed Press (itch.io)