Lore24 - FellowshipOfTheTables Thread

Hi all! I’ve been looking for a collection of people doing Lore24, and happy to have finally found it! I’ve been doing it since a few days before Jan 1. I actually created a new world and have been fleshing it out. Here is where I’m tracking what I’m doing each day. I’ve also been making summary videos each week, though I may or may not continue that.


Hey there! Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

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Glad you found us, welcome aboard, and good luck! :grin:

Heron River

A stretch of river from the hills of central Kubnon into one of the nearby lakes. It’s infested with a kind of heron with a serrated beak

Kemish Academy

A culinary academy that specializes in confectionaries. They are so good that the Nonian government has officially declared them a protected cultural site. They have extensive subterranean features, and they once replaced a damaged section of roof with a cream that had been specially treated to harden in place.



A ravine which is the habitat of a venomous species of parasites. It’s shielded from sunlight by enchantments from the parasites’ thralls.

Raventon Manor

A manor which is the site of the murder of an ancient elementalist, who is now said to haunt it. Several times, powerful mages have entered it to prove themselves, and, each time, the house has been destroyed with them in it, and then rebuilt again.


I can’t help but start to imagine what warriors from this Academy might look like, freezing enemies in place with giant frosting blasters. Definitely feels gnomish to me haha


Oooh, I had thought that the Academy was purely a culinary school, but I love the idea of it taking food and finding alternative artificer-y things to do with it.


Aradale Jungle

A small jungle in Southwest Kubnon, which is the mythical trove of a kind of berry that has warding, deflecting, or reinforcing properties. The jungle is currently undergoing a severe drought.


A picturesque coastal town, seemingly lovely and peaceful, but whose residents are secretly fomenting rebellion against the government. There is an extensive set of tunnels below the town, and one of them has been extended all the way to the ocean in an incredible feat of architecture. At the end of this tunnel is an arcane device which is holding back the weight of the ocean, a kill switch that would flood and destroy the town if thrown.


Marrane Valley

An extremely overgrown valley at the foot of the hills, where nutrient-rich water has run down and made the soil incredibly fertile. If you plant nearly anything in soil from that valley, and water it, it will grow far faster than normal.


A city where martial law has been declared. A gang war has escalated to the point of a huge recent massacre, and now the streets are silent and eerie. The only sound many times is that of a massive clocktower that was built in better times, with hardened-berry stairs and powered by sugar, a gift from Kemish Academy.


Massacre on the hardened berry stairs! Sounds like a dark dark episode of Adventure Time , I love it


Penrich Valley
Home of a kind of cat and frog which are symbiotic. The cats protect the frogs, which were nearly extinct before the symbiosis, and use them as bait to hunt for food.
Covers up an ancient hall where mages once experimented with powerful druidic magic.

The Acquired Mantle
A mage tower which has been set up as a store. The tower reconfigures itself as customer answer questions, trying to come to an arrangement.


That gives me serious Howl’s Moving Castle vibes! :+1:

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Hm, I hadn’t heard of it! Now I’m going to have to watch it - thanks for the recommendation!

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It’s a Studio Ghibli animated film, really good if you like such things.

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Badger Mine

A mining operation funded by the research arm of a druidic organization that reveres all nature, created to recover the remains of an extinct type of intelligent badger, to understand why they went extinct.

Baths of Serenity

A town that is built up around an industry of helping people forget traumatic memories. They do this by maintaining several baths in the town square, containing the ground up bodies of a local venomous slug. They have numerous rituals around helping people to go through this very dangerous process.

I also posted a new weekly update today, which includes my process for drawing cards to create these places. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0IWmbZfgCr8&ab_channel=FellowshipOfTheTables

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Newhaven Piers (011.037)

A paired set of piers on either side of a large lake. A boat goes between them, but actually teleports people to the other pier rather than going the whole way across

Somerder (013.024)

A bayou where a species of intelligent swamp cats lives, worshiping their leader, and sharing all things equally.


The Blank Canvas (015.031)
A combination workshop and saloon, where people can get custom crafting jobs done while they wait, or bring their own project. The owner owns a powerful javelin artifact. The Canvas is built into a small stand of trees, utilizing the existing environmentals features.

Shady Oaks pastures (014.029)
A homestead where a group that calls themselves The Council aims to pass on the teachings of a historical autocrat who tried, and failed, to conquer the world.

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Took a step back today during #Lore24 and thought about this nation of Kubnon as a whole, and the different regions of it. Named 2 forests (Bircarres Wood and Holytawa Forest), but didn’t try to come up with specific details about them. I think tomorrow I might try to write out a geographic overview of Kubnon.


Retin (010.033)

A city on the banks of Lake Plawby, with a gladiatorial stadium built out over the lake. Team fights in this stadium take place on the back of a massive squid statue, with its tentacles flung back over its head.

Cardend (011.025)

A small village on the edge of the Bicarres Wood. It specializes in 2 things: guides to take people into Bicarres, and a thriving paper mill. They themselves have a tradition of not writing anything down, so as not to waste their resources.


Marshmore (021.030)
A garrison full of domesticated crocodiles, used to conduct harvest raids into the Red Swamp (infested with violent monkeys) for berries.

Furyveil (018.032)
A mausoleum for interring bodies that are at risk of becoming undead. Had magical properties meant to help prevent their turning, and empower the protectors of the cemetery. Now overcome and destroyed.