Let's Build Some Locations with the Tome of Adventure Design!

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Good stream.
ToAD was originally published as separate books. In the revised edition, these are now chapters:
Chapter One: Principles and Starting Points
Chapter Two: Monsters
Chapter Three: Dungeon Design
Chapper Four: Non-Dungeon Adventure Design

I start by thinking about what I need/want to create. Then, I only go to the tables that seem related to what I want to create. Finally, I only use the results to stimilate and inspire. Once something clicks, I will run with it.

For example, I wanted a dungeon adventure for run my daughter’s character through with a few NPC henchmen. It was last Halloween so I wanted something a bit spooky. I rolled up a necrotic spawning engine. And a hag as a guardian. After a few more rolls, I had a hook, a basic 5-room dungeon design with an undead theme. We played for a few sessions.

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I think that, depending on your process, the book either is going to match your flow or, maybe as when I used it on stream, it was a bit clunky at times when I was fighting against its flow to do what I wanted it to do. Also, being that I was in it blind for the first time, I didn’t clearly know how to use it.

That sounds like a fun romp!

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