"Huzzah!": Saturday Morning Cartoons meets D&D!


I just launched a new thing! :grin: Let’s call it Saturday Morning Cartoons meets D&D, inspired by Honey Heist, TOON, Monty Python & more!

Todd! I tried to roll up a character and rolled a 5 on attitude but 5 is blank?

I gotta know the attitude of my kobold necromancer!

Also you have the obligatory Huzzah to be exclaimed upon getting knocked out, but might I suggest to be yelled at the end of the 2 minute knockout period or upon revival?
A nice recognition of a player rejoining the fray?

Also also, what happens after scoring is tallied?
For example, if I’m a law abiding frogman and Law prevails over chaos do the chaos members perhaps suffer some embarrassing post credit scene? If chaos prevails do the Law characters find themselves being fish out of water in a sick sad world?!

I really love this tone of writing and the loosey goosey nature of it makes it WAYY more likely I can pick it up and run it or adapt something to it :slight_smile:

Whoops! Got any ideas? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Scatter Brained

Those are all good! Maybe I’ll expand the table! In the meantime, I went with “Inquisitive” for a quick fix.

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I like it— great idea! I shall add in a bit of a note about having a quick epilogue once everything has been tallied up!

@bryansmiff going to use your suggestion for the “huzzah!” and also decided to add this:

I’ll probably wait a bit just to see if anything else comes up before I update it so consider it COMING SOON!

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That’s a mighty large table compared to all the other ones!
Cut it down to d6s like the rest maybe?
I like the hats too but not sure if that fits with the rest of the theme?

It’s just 2d6 instead of 1d6. The hat is a nod to Honey Heist.