Hexcrawling 101, Class 06: Another Hex Starter Kit + Hex Flower Madness!

I got a couple another hexcrawl creation tool, “Manual of Hexterity,” in hand I thought we could look at at as well as the hex flower hex tool, “In the Heart of the Unknown,” from Goblin’s Henchmen.

Show Notes:

Be sheer coincidence, mere hours before the stream, u/Substantial_Owl2562 posted a similar concept to the magic places in Manual of Hexterity:

Quick idea: Take magic items with limit use or charges, have a stationary object in you setting grant one charge of that effect. Example: A standing stone that grants a single use of Wand of Wonders. Once used, you can go back and get another charge.

I am stocking hexes (2 km/1.2 mil, F2F) for a sandbox campaign, and I am making a list of minor interesting locations (standing stones, statues, shrines, magic trees etc).

Example 2: In a hex in the track less forest there is a giant quartz crystal that grants a single use of the “Portent” ability of 5e divination wizards, but only in moonlight. The characters now have found a resource on the map, and have a reason to come back at night in spite of increased nighttime danger. They also have a reason to pay attention to the weather (clear skies = moonlight).

This technique can easily fill a dusin hexes, or more.

I could see some really interesting locations arise out of combining these concepts…