Fill the Hex Jam

@bryansmiff looking for a challenge did you say? :laughing:

I might give this a go! Anyone else interested?

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I might take a crack at this!

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Here’s the map from today’s stream:

I think this is a small enough project to actually keep me from procrastinating and actually produce something fun.


Heck, yeah! Let’s goooooo!!!

Updated hex map:

Very excited for this jam. I’ve been a passive fan of the channel for a few months but with this little challenge I’m ready to get my hands dirty and actually try some of this myself!

What’s the app you’re using to create that board/take those notes? It looks nice.


The app is I believe it is fully free now so make an account and give it a whirl!

I had a bit of inspiration tonight! I’ve been mulling over names for places and things. It wasn’t the name I was looking for but it’s a name that I need and I like it! :grin: The common name is “The Gray Fens.” This is a corruption of an older name, The Graef Fenha, which meant the graveyard swamp. This is the hex with the flooded ruins, home to the corrupted ent and the swamp zombies.

Mucked around with an image and some textures to get a mood-picture of the hex.

Last one for the night…

The corrupted sapient tree in the Gray Fens is called Old Sally’s Daughter. Like the name of the swamp, this is also a corruption of an older name. In this case, it was originally called Sally Dauthr, the Dead Willow.

Wrote a poem for our entish friend:

Alone in grim Grey Fens, Old Sally’s Daughter stands.
Under a misty shroud, she stoops still proud.
Auburn are her dresses, pale green are her tresses.
From her crown hang the drowned, ancient lovers dangling down.
She dances ‘round the fen in her finery of dead men
To voices none can hear save those to whom death is near.
For the eyes of the doomed, beneath the bone white moon.
For a last love’s embrace, Old Sally’s Daughter waits.

I posted a related blogpost. Will the productivity never end!?! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: