Fast and Simple CAR COMBAT

I’ve recently begun gluing,snipping,chopping,painting, and otherwise assembling bits of junk and craft materials (primarily from the dollar store) into post apocalyptic scatter terrain.
Grabbed a few cheapo hotwheels cars and turned those into rust buckets covered in spikes and guns .All the while I’ve been scrounging through the world wide web wasteland looking for interesting systems and mechanics.

Dark Future
Car Wars

Since I have only a handful of terrain pieces, about 5 cars, and a player group who will likely be intoxicated and playing other longer session games I’d like to have a VERY simple system of dice chucking that would let us play something with this stuff.

I broke down the main things I would want a player to be able to do on their turn.

  1. Chuck some dice
  2. Assign those dice to actions
    2b. Actions generally falling into Attack, Evade, or Boost

Now the dice I plan to use are some unique d12’s i picked up from a small box game called Krakatoa. Each of these d12 have Blue, Red, and Yellow sides on them. I believe it breaks down like this:
5 Blue Sides
4 Red Sides
3 Yellow Sides

Each player will also have a card with a tracker or something to mark what gear they’re in. This will determine how far they can move as well as set the difficulty for dodging things. Basically a rudimentary hack of Gaslands (I think?).
You can use a dice that matches the color of the gear you’re in to move ahead (In 1st Gear that would cost 1 Blue).
You can use a dice that matches the color of the gear you want to shift into (1st=Blue, 2nd=Red, 3rd=Yellow).
If not using your dice to shift or boost you can use them to do any of the following.

You can use red dice to make attacks against foes.
You can use blue dice to drive defensively.
You can use yellow dice to perform stunts.

Now if you’re rolling to defend against a hazard, an attack, or a sharp turn you must roll at least 1 of the color matching your gear.
Still working this out, but I like how it works if you’re in a higher gear and need to roll yellow on the colored d12 you have less of a chance of success (mimicking less likely to be able to react when driving fast).
Driving in a lower gear gives you a better chance of dodging if you are in 2nd gear and are just trying to roll a Red for example.

Gaps in mechanics

  • Still working out exactly how a player should “defend” in this and how to determine how many dice the defender rolls.

  • Need to settle on something to use as a ruler or distance marker for Boosts in 1st gear 2nd gear and 3rd gear

If you’ve read any of this and it makes any kind of sense thanks! If I don’t get a fun system bashed together at least we can play around and make car smashing noises.

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Sounds interesting! Just giving it a quick read at the moment but I’ll dig into it more in a bit! Well done!