Dungeoncrawling 101: Let's Dress Up Our New Dungeon!

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This was fun. You have a great community. Lots of fun ideas.

I am going to continue creating new dungeons. One thing I need is a list of potential encounters, events, locations, and things to uncover in the Astral Sea. As the Astral Sea nears the outer and inner planes of existence, things fall into the sea. I find creating stuff is a great stress relief for me.

The strange bits fall into benign, dangerous, curious, and mystical.

  1. Benign means that the encounter is non-threatening and may be helpful.
  2. Dangerous means there is an implied threat of violence.
  3. Curious means the players can learn something new about the Astral Plane.
  4. Mystical means that a divine entity is behind the encounter.
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I like this a lot. I could use this template for a bunch of things in terms of setting the tone of an encounter.

Someone has collected d100 Astral Plane encounters on Reddit (1 to 75 are listed). I can use their encounters to get a jump start on my encounter tables.

I tailor my encounter tables to the campaign when I can.

@Perkins is your Astral plane of the bog-standard variety or are you doing anything different with your version of this space?

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I want to run my brother through a bunch of quick adventures. Dropping him into the “Big Black” Astral Sea will let me do random stuff, mostly unplanned.

I am working on custom encounter tables for this one-on-one adventure. When I create random tables, I keep them around for future use. I will post them here when I have them filled out.

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That’s definitely a good, and cool, backdrop for that sort of adventure!

Can’t wait to see them!

I created the Astral Sea Encounter tables. I am supplementing what is provided in the Planar Compass zine series. The first two Planar Compass zines have been published. The third is due out any time now. I backed their Kickstarter to get physical copies of all three zines.

I wanted mini-adventure hooks. So these are more than encounters. They could become more involved depending on how my brother engages with them.

Planar Compas uses Hex Flowers for traveling in the Astral Sea. Some of the hexes are labeled “benign.” I may roll 2d4 [2 to 8] instead of 2d6 [2 to 12] when he is in those benign locations. This will produce Curious and Benign encounters, avoiding Mysterious and Dangerous encounters.

Three potential outcomes (besides death) are: reaching the island town detailed in the first Planar Compass zine, finding a way back to the Prime Material plane, or arriving at one of the outer or inner planes of existence.

I also have [The Gardens Of Ynn]
(The Gardens Of Ynn - Dying Stylishly Games | DriveThruRPG.com)
[The Stygian Library]
(The Stygian Library - Dying Stylishly Games | DriveThruRPG.com)

He may be able to get back to his home world through the Gardens of Ynn or The Stygian Library.

Those are some interesting tables! Those dangerous and curious encounters read as really interesting but potentially deadly!

I am purposely not balancing any of these encounters. My brother will have to use his wits to survive. It could be a very short-lived character.

The Planar Compass zines are OSE compatible and geared to a group of players beyond 1st level. I will need to make the challenges appropriate while keeping the deadly, hardcore spirit of the OSE play style.

I need to enlist and inform my brother during session 0. We have not connected, yet.

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