Dungeoncrawling 101: Let's Build a Dungeon with the D&D 1E Dungeon Master's Guide!

This is a fun idea. I will create a random dungeon and upload what I create.

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Below the Lost Temple of the Oracle.
Here is the randomly generated dungeon that I created today. Your video inspired me to try out the DMG random dungeon table. I have used it hundreds of times over the years. I purchased my copy back in 1979, when it was first released.

I used Tome of Adventure Design to create some location backgrounds.
Dungeon history and backstory were randomly generated using the ToAD (revised pdf).
Matt Finch is done with his kickstarter for the new ToAD. I missed out on the kickstarter so I am hoping they print extra copies for sale to the general public. I purchased ToAD revised on DriveThru.

The reason the site has become dangerous:

  1. The temple leader was imprisoned by his angry diety over 100 years ago.
  2. Tomb raiders following a treasure map delved into the dungeon below the lost temple. They awoke a fiend.
  3. A demon is imprisoned within the dungeon.

Creating this random dungeon was fun. I randomly generated content for the numbered rooms. Only two rooms came back with monsters, one with a monster + treasure. All other rooms came up “empty” on the random table. I used the Dungeon Dressings from page 217+ in the DMG to add a few bits and bobs - random clues.

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That’s awesome! I will draw out and flesh out the dungeon from the stream likewise! I’ll take a look at those pages from the DMG and I will pull out my PDF of the Tome to see what I can roll on from there. Great work!

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Dyson Logos creates excellent maps. I download Dyson’s creations and use them for my games.

I want to make maps from scratch. Using the DMG to create the initial map structure and then adding to the results works. The randomness helps to start and get past the inertia of a blank page.

Agreed. I do want to get back to drawing and styling up my own maps though.