Dragonbane: "Deepfall Breach" Solo Play!

With the official digital release of “Dragonbane,” from Free League Publishing, I thought I’d try something a little different and explore the solo adventure included in the Core Box materials. Adventure spoilers and probably murder ahead!

Show Notes:

Plunging Path:

A sloping corridor carries you into the oppressive depths of the Breach. Tread softly, lest ye wake the creatures of fang and wing nesting within the cracks and hollows of this ancient passage.

Charred Tomb

Fire long ago ravaged this once grand mausoleum. It holds five remaining sarcophagi amid piles of ash. Find ye a path through a door hidden within one of these coffins but disturb not the scorched dead nor the hidden trap.


Excavated Mine

  • chilling cold
  • icy surfaces
  • broken path
  • no direct path forward


Lofty bridge

  • Fresh corpses on bridge (not cultists) - hunt/lost/conflict
  • Flooded space
  • Sentient door
  • leads forward (skips unknown area 3)
  • The door is not responsible for the corpses