Dragonbane: "Deepfall Breach" Solo Play, Episode 3!

With the official digital release of “Dragonbane,” from Free League Publishing, I thought I’d try something a little different and explore the solo adventure included in the Core Box materials. Adventure spoilers and probably murder ahead!

Show Notes:

Ritual Chamber

A wide pit occupies the center of this room, surrounded by scrawled, fiendish symbols. Steam rises through the pit from the magma below, clouding the space in sulfurous fog. Arioch and a pair of cultist priests lair here, in the midst of some vile ritual. Seize the shard and make haste to return.

  • shard is far from entrance
  • demon is using the shard as a part of this ritual
  • ritual: weaken/ancient/leader

Here’s my solo character sheet template on Role.