Dragonbane: "Deepfall Breach" Solo Play, Episode 2!

With the official digital release of “Dragonbane,” from Free League Publishing, I thought I’d try something a little different and explore the solo adventure included in the Core Box materials. Adventure spoilers and probably murder ahead!

Show Notes:

Yawning chasm

  • Shifting architecture (moving platforms)
  • Corroded surfaces
  • Acid pools
  • Ominous wardrums
  • wardrums are from enemies of the goblins - control/arcane/message

Fiendish Altar

The cultists take refuge here with their prisoner. My sight cannot glean their aims, but the bloodstained altar at the center of this chamber has seen countless deaths at the hands of those seeking parley with demonic forces. But I sense fear, hesitation in these cultists—they’ll not die needlessly for their cause, I suspect. Free Gorum from their clutches.”

  • Numerous cultists
  • active ceremony
  • war drums not part of it
  • Gorum not part of ceremony (currently forgotten)