DCC Funnel Adventure, Sailors on the Starless Sea


This was the first prewritten thing I ever ran, always a good time so when I tried my hand at terrain building I did a small scale version of this keep!

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Ooh, that’s great! How did your party fare in the adventure?

First group ended with 2-3 characters. Most of the originals died, but I have extras for them to pull off the walls after the beastman fight and then a chance to free some others who are being marched up the ziggurat to the ritual.
Multiple points to replenish the group makes this so fun, make things as deadly and rewarding as you like and they’ll still make it through with SOME characters.
I also use an intro scene I wrote that takes place in the town tavern for us to roleplay the formation of the angry mob.
I lay out about 15-20 0 level character cards for all players to see and when the bartender calls for action ( “who’s with me?!”) the players take turns choosing which valiant villagers stand up and join the mob and build their character pool in a couple rounds of drafting.
It’s so so fun.
I usually have the bartender be gung ho and rush in to get the Vine Horrors started and they usually kill him instantly to get the danger level communicated. Each time I run the adventure I give the bartender a scar from however he died last time.
At this point he has 1 eye, a big neck scar and missing a few fingers.

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Haha, that’s awesome.