Cyclic Dungeons + Dungeon Mind Mapping + Lore24 Week 6?

Show Notes:

Here’s an example of the sort of conceptual mind-map/schematic of a dungeon that I’m aiming for.

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What do the HD1/2/3 notes mean?

The Hazard Difficulty of the Space which, in Do Anything D6 parlance, would translate to the default Difficulty of challenges in that Space.

Got it - Have you gone over Index Card RPG on stream? There’s a room difficulty and a lot of good thoughts in there that fit the mold of a simplified thought process similar to the mind map style… from what I’ve seen anyways

I did actually! I think my issue with the ICRPG approach is that it is fixed whereas here, it’s a baseline that can be modified on a room, item, or other level. For example:

The Laboratory (HD2)

  • Locked chest of arcane reagents (HD3, magic seal)
  • Door (west wall, HD2, locked) to Master Alchemist’s chambers
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