Cardboard Craft-a-palooza

Upcycled our collection of cardboard boxes into some wargaming scatter terrain.
Outfitted for pics with minis from the boardgame “VAST”.

Wooden Stir Sticks
Toy Bits
Hot Glue
Masking Tape


That’s awesome! Do you paint them or just use them in their “natural” color?

I did a whole set of terrain for the Phandelver 5e setting for the ruined town of Thundertree, for those ones I painted them (VERY basically).
With these ones though I’m kind of leaning towards the “natural” feel so they can be more flexible in whatever game they might be used for.
What do you think I should do with them? Mostly I’m trying to get my craft stuff used up haha.

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Run some scenarios based on those terrain bits? :smile:

That is very cool. How big is it? The mini make it look pretty big.

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The board it was on was about 4’x3’.
The tallest tower was probably about 12”.
Donated it all to the LGS for the kiddos to throw around :slight_smile:

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