August's Patron Project: A Small Dungeon Filled with Naughty Cultists!

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I’m trying to get better about not only schedule stuff but, you know, following through and finishing them. In that vein, as I posted to Patreon yesterday, I’ve set myself up a project for this month: a small dungeon adventure featuring some ne’er do well cultists! (Is there any other kind?)

I’ve got a bunch of awesome images already generated for it but I still have a lot of work to do (on top of the other work I need to desperately finish for other things) but I’m shooting for the moon so that, should I fail, at least I will fall amongst the stars… or something like that.

As the norm, it’ll be free for patrons, channel members, and so on. I’m not sure how much it’ll retail for yet, it probably will depend on how much work it takes me and what the end page count looks like. Let’s call it, for estimate purposes, a couple of cups of coffee, give or take. (Disclaimer: this estimate does not account for Armageddon, inflation, the price of coffee, your local market, happy fun ball, or the presence of Illuminati lizard-beings living undetected amongst us.)

I came up with a name! It’ll be called, “The Lodge of the Silphid Society!” I’m posting images on DeviantArt related to the project, as well as most of my better Midjourney art in general.

Todd_1930s_photograph_hall_of_worship_temple_of_the_death_godde_c215a771-1708-43fa-a894-01fbb77a917e-4x_RealSR_DF2K_JPEG.50.4x_BSRGAN.50 - Copy_marked