The Not-At-All Self Aggrandizing Hexed Press Lore24 Thread

The Devouring Tarn

Week 2 Community Prompt: [Place] abomination, steel, mystical

Where the fenlands meet the tumbled stoney fingers of the Tower Downs, there is said to be a cursed pool.

Legend says a powerful Yonderthing was slain there and its body corrupted the pool in which it fell.

The fetid water of the pond thickened into something approaching quicksilver. Lethargic bubbles rise from beneath the steely surface and collapse to release a putrid gas. It is said anything forged of iron submerged in the sludge will melt away like wax in a flame.

The body of the Yonderthing lays still at the bottom of the tarn, preserved as it was the day it died and, some whisper darkly, waiting.