PAX East 2023 Convention Report!

I finally made it to PAX East! While various conspiracies and deep state plots kept me away from the first two days of the con, I hit today with a vengeance!

Got into a Mork Borg game (my first!) as Lumby, the oddly well-equipped scumbag.

Had a very decent BBQ sandwich for lunch.

Then got a demo of AlchemyRPG, a VTT similar to Role.

A video for that will be coming soon (apologies in advance as I shot it in “portrait mode”). Probably the BIGGEST thing is that, while I was taking a breather in the media room, I ran into Jerry Holkins himself! He was wandering about and I managed to convince him to sit down with me. It actually didn’t take much convincing from my end and he was generous enough to chat with me for over twenty minutes! I’ll be posting a video of that in the next day or so.

or watch it directly on YouTube.

or watch it directly on YouTube.

or watch it directly on YouTube.

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