Lore24 Megathread

2024-01-16T18:30:00Z2024-01-16T19:30:00Z Lore24: Week 2 Recap and Week 3 Community Stream!

In my excitement, I forgot to generate a community prompt for this week!

Here it is: [spell or ritual] armor or shield, emerald, brutal


Week 4 Community prompt: [place (town)] weapon, sable, buried

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I updated my #Lore24 prompter over on itch!

Is there a hashtag you’d prefer us to use on our Community Prompt entries? I was going to start using something for them so they’re easier to find when you stream

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Great question! Maybe #community-prompt?

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Week 5 community-prompt [thing/gem or jewelry] cult, bone, unholy.

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What was today’s prompt again?

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Week 6 community-prompt [spell/ritual] sage/oracle, oxblood, deceptive


Week 7 community-prompt [plot/theft] high priest(ess), obsidian, brutal

Week 8 community-prompt (event/regional) government, azure, victorious