"Everyday Heroes" to Bring Back D20 Modern!

Dave Scott of Evil Genius Productions sent me this press release to share about their upcoming product, “Everyday Heroes.” I thought d20 Modern was a pretty cool concept back in the day but, I confess, that it dropped out of my memory hole. I think it’s really cool that someone is bringing it back and converting it to the Fifth Edition SRD chassis for maximum audience. One of the original authors, Jeff Grubb, is attached to this so I’m looking forward to watching it develop.

From the press release:

Like its spiritual successor, “EveryDay Heroes” starts with key “d20 Modern” elements such as the basic classes — the strong hero, the fast hero, the tough hero, the smart hero, the dedicated hero, and the charismatic hero — but builds on this convention by introducing several new subclasses, a new wealth system, and a fully revamped chase mechanic.